Expert Says: Turkey Does NOT Make You Sleepy

By admin 5 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving from OurWorld1 !!

happy-turkey-dayAs I watch those in my home all sleeping in random places all over the house after eating our big Thanksgiving meal, I’m having a hard time believing what I just read over at CBSPhilly:

Dr. Sigrid Veasey is a sleep expert at Penn who cites several studies suggesting the amount of tryptophan — a sleep inducing amino acid in the average bird — isn’t much:

“You would have to eat about six large turkeys to have enough tryptophan, and maybe even more to have a pronounced sleep effect on you.”

Well, I can tell you that each of my now-snoozing family members did NOT eat 6 turkeys each – so why are they all sleeping?

According to Dr Veasey, it’s not the turkey as much as it is the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and bread and all those other high-carb foods.

And for the adults, toss in a glass of wine or a beer – and the combination is Snooze City.

I think I was happier thinking that turkey made us sleepy – NOT all that other food.

Regardless, all I know is that I want to curl up under an awesome fluffy and cozy down comforter and sleep for a week!

But nope – now it’s time to SHOP….

I’m off to find all the awesome Black Friday deals online, are you?

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