No doubt about it, Amazon is a powerhouse when it comes to discount online shopping.  What many people don’t know is that there are TONS of online shopping deals going on hidden inside the Amazon website.

Did you know they have daily deals?  Sure do!  Check today’s daily deals at Amazon here.

There are also “Gold Box” deals – sometimes as much as 75% off a featured product – as well as TONS of coupons that can save you big money on products you buy.

See all current coupons available here.

Amazon also has an “outlet” area that many people don’t know about.  This is where Amazon puts some deep discounts on products.  See the Amazon outlet area here.

For us, the most fun we have shopping online is in the Deals and Bargains area of Amazon.  Crazy deals in there!

The last “hidden” place to find deals on Amazon is their Warehouse area.  These are also BIG discounts on products that have been returned.  They are first tested for quality and to be sure they’re working properly, and then they are resold at deep discounts.

Visit the Amazon Warehouse area here.

Just knowing your way around Amazon and knowing WHERE to look on their site can lead to huge savings for you.

Happy shopping!