Let’s Make Moscow Mules!

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Moscow Mules 101

Everything you need to know about the Moscow Mule cocktail. How to make this drink, what mugs are best and more.

The Legend of the Moscow Mule: The Copper Cup that Could

Most cocktails require specific glassware for their drinks-the highball and the
martini glass, for example-however, the copper mug for the Moscow Mule is a

The secret to the perfect summer drink is the copper cup | Object of …

Sep 4, 2013 The Moscow Mule, first concocted in the 1940s, became the signature drink at the
Cock ‘n … Copper cups are hard to find but worth the search.

Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Tackk

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Organic Moscow Mule Cocktail RecipeOrganic Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Moscow Mule

The very first Moscow Mules were served in a limited edition run of copper mugs brought over from Russia. And the family that made those original mugs has decided to get back into the mule mug business after 74 years. Avid mule drinkers can get their …



Moscow Mule Mugs – Are Copper Mugs Really Better? – HomeWetBar

May 22, 2014 The most scientific benefit of using copper moscow mule mugs is …. from the
stainless, but it looks sharp and is cheaper if you are on a budget.

Does the Mug Make the Moscow Mule? – Chewables Chicago

Aug 13, 2013 Why the Moscow Mule, with its conspicuous copper mug, is the … found
themselves in the same predicament: no one would buy their product.

Moscow mule – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Moscow mule is almost always served in a copper mug. The popularity of
this way to serve the drink was due to Martin, who went around the country to sell

Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - TackkBest Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Tackk

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